Terrie Crowley

MY STORY (the short version)

 Born with natural visionary and empathic nature, Terrie  has been a student of spiritual teachings her whole life.  She has an innate ability to serve her clients to help them claim their own intuitive abilities and maximize their spiritual foundation in their life. She spent the first 40 years, maintaining anonymity with respect to her intuitive nature.  Finally, after a successful 28 year career in the corporate arena, that included Investment Banking, Corporate Communications and Real Estate Development , Terrie was called to devote her life of service utilizing her education and professional background.  Her clients are from across the globe and include folks of all ages, she works closely with CEOs as well as young  college age adults who are seeking to bring more balance and learn more about harnessing and integrating the Divine energy in their lives.  She teaches meditation, provides spiritual integration coaching, numerology readings, and intuitive divine guidance readings.  

"All my life's experience had led me to the threshold. I was called to work with people on a deeper spiritual level. My mission is to assist people interested in enriching their lives, connecting with their soul passion and integrating it into their lives. I assist my clients to move forward and teach them tools to help them continue to honor their own "compass" and take the risks and steps necessary towards living their best life.

 My motto is: "I am nothing you are not." No one has the answers to your life as you do! You have access to all the answers you seek - it is simple - it is an interior journey. My work is to help guide you there.

 Today, I have a very blessed life with my sweetheart of 26 years and our adorable dogs Ella and pup Buddy. We live presently, spiritually, and are on the path together. Each day we wake up and thank God for the amazing graces in our lives in All Forms!  We are so grateful for our families, and the incredible people who have blessed us! Thanks to our families,dear friends, business colleagues and spiritual teachers who hold us accountable to growing and living in integrity with love. What a ride!"



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