Terrie Crowley

Intuitive Personal & Business Consultant


Consulting - Personal or Professional
This is a consultation series to explore the opportunities as well as the obstacles and provide you with guidance.  You receive clear insights, compassionate and truthful direction to empower you to fulfill your potential.  We examine what obstacles that may be standing in your way and craft an action plan to step forward.  Sessions available for one time or on-going (retainer) basis - weekly, monthly, quarterly. 

Integrative Spiritual Coaching Session
Are you seeking to enrich your spiritual life? This session is intended to help you expand and fortify your spiritual awareness.  We explore any obstacles or struggles you may be experiencing and work to integrate certain practices to help you move forward.   We work together to help you identify the signs and follow the guidance in your life.  This allows you to live more congruently  with a sense of ease, purpose, serenity and happiness.   Recommend New Client Initial session 90 minutes.  For existing clients - One hour session - Or sign up for a quarterly  spiritual tune up. 

Intuitive  Guidance Session
Through the centuries different faiths have expressed the existence of  Divine forces at work in our life.  Some believe in Grace, or Angels, Saints, Sages that are the forces that work to guide and protect us in our life.     Just provide your name and date of birth and no questions - the initial session is done separately from you and then notes from the reading will be provided and we will have a consultation.  There is direct guidance provided and evidence that confirms the loving divine support in your life.  You are encouraged in the session to begin to recognize and heed your own intuitive power and begin living collaboratively with the divine presence that is in and around your life.

Personal Spiritual Development and Integration Series
There are many seminars to help you with your personal and professional development and yet, to fully live these concepts - it is essential to learn how to integrate the practices beyond the initial weeks after the learning. To learn a sustainable process you can apply on an on-going basis throughout your life. Having attended, researched and studied many of the most successful pathways in business and personal - I have developed a process by which you will begin to develop and integrate into your day to day life.    Initial Series is 6 sessions.  Email for pricing 

Since the days of Pythagoras (550BC) - Numerology has been utilized by business and spiritual leaders as well as personal development professionals.   From your name and date of birth, we identify your Life Path, what you came here to Express in this life, your Hidden Passion, Your Personality, Challenges and Opportunities.  It is a comprehensive overview of what your  came into this life to experience.  By looking at your chart , we can assess timing on major life decisions as well as identify the most opportune moments for acting on a project, move, relationships, expansion or when you are asked to take a more passive approach.  We can identify certain challenges and the lessons that are present and how to best utilize your innate talents to navigate and maximize these times. It is amazingly accurate. 

For more information on these sessions, pricing etc.  Please email me TerrieCrowley@gmail.com

** These sessions are spiritual in nature. This is for those who are seeking to enrich their spiritual life. I am not a licensed therapist.   If you are having emotional or psychological issues, please seek the assistance of a medical professional or therapist.